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Please take this space to tell us a little something about your child.

Skye is a happy, engaging and clever little girl. She loves to sing and dance and is very verbal. She has both an audio-graphic and photographic memory. She can recite all the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody, in three languages, the first season of This American Life, and Articles 1-5 of the United States Constitution. All with inflection! Her first word was obfuscate.

Skye is also very tactile. She looooves her play-doh! Just yesterday, she constructed a to scale mini-replica of La Sagrada Familia…. in nine and a half minutes! She sketched out plans to finish its construction on the back side of her tray insert over lunch at the hospital, where she volunteers on Tuesdays, in the children’s ward, performing her one-girl marionette act for sick kids and their families.

Skye is persistent and has grit! She is relentlessly focused and on-task —and can ask the same thing again and again and again, with no sign of fatigue! One particularly memorable incident at the IGA. over a pack of rainbow skittles lead to her recruitment as a CIA interrogator. She did some reconnaissance, mostly domestic, but there was one time they sent her to Qatar (yes, she even knows the correct pronunciation of Qatar!!) to negotiate a hairy hostage release. It was intense — but she did it!! At first, we were wary about overstimulating her, but of course, we don’t want to under-stimulate her either…. Skye was very cooperative on both legs of the trans-atlantic flight, even though she forgot her blanky at home — and still she did not get jet lag at all!

(Once the crisis was resolved, Skye was asked if she wanted to stay on at a station in Doha, but, despite her appreciation for lamb machboos, she really just wanted to get home to her blanky, so we did. We try to be flexible…)

Some of Skye’s favorite things are chantilly lace, and Lamborghinis. Her gardening skills have been blossoming quite nicely (no pun intended) and she hand-picked the begonias and snapdragons fresh from her nursery and magnificently arranged them as centerpieces for her third birthday party! She has exquisite taste!!! She loves dark chocolate and moules frites. But of course she'll eat anything. Truffle salt or not. She’s not fussy that way.

Skye is full of ideas and opinions! When she's not defending her position on impeachment, debunking the demerits of NAFTA, or throwing a temper tantrum over the Paris climate accord, she's actually quite easy going! She takes pause, and thinks things through. She has never wanted to wear only bedazzled pink jumpers on Wednesdays, or frilly shirts with unicorns on them. She’s never, ever insisted on eating dinner naked. She’s always appropriately dressed! She’s just easy like that!

Skye believes in sharing. Her chess and gemologist lessons are almost always semi-privates. She is compassionate. She lets me ‘fix” her ice cream cones without protest. She has extraordinary impulse control — when the Gelateria runs out of Gianduja, she’ll just have dulce du leche, or even plain vanilla. Sometimes she’ll just have a single sprinkle.

No child is without her weakness, and Skye has been known to occasionally get cranky from her robust schedule. But once she’s taken her lavender sea-salt bath and emerged from her rose quartz crystal mist, her chakras re-align and she very evenly heads off to bed for 12 hours of solid sleep. She wakes up good as new!

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