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6:00 am: Is it dangerous to have three cups of coffee on no sleep?

6:30 am: Can you use questionably fresh milk when making pancakes?

6:32 am: Why would an egg have two yolks?

6:35 am: Chicken song, Adam Sandler.

7:00 am: Weather, NY

7:01 am: Weather, LA

7:02 am: Housing market, LA

8:00 am: Best seamless, warm leggings for kids that won't cut off circulation

8:30 am: Snowboots for kids under 100 dollars

9:00 am: Is exercise bad for you when you feel run down?

9:15 am: Family-friendly vacation spots

9: 20 am: Family-friendly vacation spots with babysitting

9:25 am: Is it legal to leave a 12 year old home alone?

11:00 am: What's an ok age to wax your daughter’s legs?

12:00 pm: How to cyberstalk your kids without their knowing

12:30 pm: Can stress mess with your cycle?

1:00 pm: Chic cocktail dresses

1:10 pm: Party dresses

1:15 pm: Is 45 too old for sideboob?

1:16 pm: Is packing tape safe on skin?

1:20 pm: Dresses, long-sleeves, black, sale

5:00 pm: Simple dinners in under 20 mins

5:02 pm: How do you blanch vegetables?

5:05 pm: Simple dinners in under 10 mins

5:07 pm: Places that deliver near me

6:30 pm: Can MSG cause a migraine?

6:45 pm: Difference between allergies and a cold?

6:47 pm: Best Humidifiers 2018

6:50 pm: Is there cocaine in Sudafed?

7:00 pm: Is checking your temperature every six minutes too much?

7:01 pm: If my temperature doesn't register anything above 94.8 degrees, am I technically dead?

7:02 pm: Why do I get different readings in my left and right ear?

7:03 pm: Amazon-Prime-Now best thermometer

8:00 pm: How the f-ck do you get the death-grip plastic packaging off a thermometer?!

8:02 pm: How do you know if you need stitches?

8:30 pm: Why don’t cats like bananas?

8:30 pm: What is a complex number?

8:30 pm: How does a bill become a law?

8:35 pm: Can too much homework stunt your growth?

9:30 pm: Calming apps for kids before bedtime

10:30 pm: Cabernet Sauvignon, open late, free delivery

11:00 pm: Can an old can of chicken soup kill you if you heat it up?

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