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  • Tara R.


The day is near, Spring Break is here! You're super jacked... but are you packed?

Whether it's a quick trip or you'll be gone for a while,

how you pack sets the tone for your vacation-style...

Planner or hodgepodger, all your earthly possessions or just a few,

your luggage can say quite a lot about you.....

Which begs the question, before you fly, what kind of suitcase-stuffer am I?

The One Suitcase Wonder. This person doesn’t like surprises and has a method. She's never angsted over which dress makes her look thinner, and doesn't own six different pairs of beige flats that each exert a different amount of pressure on her hammertoe. Stressful? Why would packing be stressful? I have a capsule wardrobe, and a very carefully planned vacation itinerary. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day, and never gain water-weight even after 4 margaritas.

Personal mantra: Organize, don't agonize...

The Carry-On Braggart. This person is just a show-off with a lot to prove. The carry-on-er isn’t like you, with your big bag, oversized drink, and gargantuan ego. The carry-on-er is strong and body positive -- and thinks that cover-ups are for sissies.

Personal mantra: All I need is the wind in my hair and the sand beneath my feet. And my insta.

The Heavy-weight. Screw weight restrictions. This guy lives as large as his luggage. He’s triple-expanding this mofo -- he's on vacation, and he’s all in. He may max out the airport ATM and eat at The Palm JFK. He'll give a little something to the pool boy to save chaise lounges facing the ocean. Housekeeping before noon? Not a problem. Chauffeured car to the restaurant? We’d be happy to arrange that. A few extra shekels for my wide load? Don't mind if I do..

Personal mantra: There's room! It'll fit!!

The Budget-Saver. You will hear this person everywhere screaming about highway robbery. He’s got a fleet of mismatched luggage and is rummaging through every single piece to redistribute weight, while being yelled at by his wife that it’s all getting wrinkled. He’s trudging through the airport in 18 layers of clothing because he took a combined 15 pounds out of his suitcases to avoid fees. This dude is trying. He’s on vacation, but he’s not not gonna pay a lot of that muffler!

Personal mantra: Can we got more of that free hotel water please, and extra towels? The seal on the almonds was broken when we got here!

The Tote-Packer. Suitcases are for terrorists. My treasured totes are carried like royal cats and delicately placed within the cargo hold. Most of my resort was brought down at the beginning of the season anyway. Wheels up!

Personal mantra: I need to relax more…

The Apologetic Overpacker. This is the person you see counting the number of bags she has over and over, as she keeps getting distracted when approaching double digits. She feels the heat of the incriminating stares from the angry masses behind her in line to check their single duffles. She's left her iced coffee in the Uber and she's tired because she spent all night stuffing suitcases with more, more, more…. Her mantra? “There is something wrong with me.” This person inevitably forgot to pack sunscreen.

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