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Dear Campers,

Welcome to Home-Camp! We are so excited about our inaugural summer program, and can’t wait to welcome you (with the only open arms you’ve seen since March) into our camp family. We’re going to have a great summer! You’ll bask in the majestic beauty of your own four walls, and enjoy cookouts of burgers (fresh from your back-up for the back-up freezer) huddled around the Big Green egg!

Look, we get it. We know that being away from your home-away-from-home can be hard. We are here for you, and going to try and keep things as authentic as possible! In fact, if you need anything, just jot us a quick letter, sign, seal and deliver. We’ll pop it in the mail for you, and when we receive it back, we’ll be sure to write back! It might take a while (G-d bless the postal workers!), but don’t worry, your shin guards are coming!

In the meantime, I’m sure your siblings won’t mind sharing their stuff with you. Home-Camp spirit is everything.

We plan on filling your days with fun activities such as biking, lunch, biking again on slim, twisty roads that might kill you (praying emoji!!), swimming, art-that-wont-mess-anything up, cooking for short-attention spans, and, yes, sunset biking!

You will also have several elective choices throughout your day, such as unsupervised screen-time, and begging for more screen-time.

The infirmary is open between the hours of severe broken bones and mysterious summer rashes from over-chlorinated pools. Anything outside those hours can be treated with ice, band-aids and a healthy dose of independence. At Home-Camp, your well-being is important to us. You may emerge from Home-Camp with only nine-fingers, but, nine-fingers full of resilience and autonomy. What’s better than that?

Despite being our opening year, we are a camp full of tradition. Once a week, you’ll wear your inside-out pajamas all day, and have Cheeze-It French Toast for breakfast. Twice a week (at least!), you’ll get to see your camp owners cheering at the tops of their lungs, “QUIET PLEASE!!!!” during mealtimes.

And, let's not forget -- overnight trips! A select few lucky campers will be picked to go on an exhilarating night hike where they can stargaze under the moonlight with nothing but a flashlight, a pop tart, and a distress signal. The buddy-system is central to the Home-Camp philosophy. We look out for one another here.

After all, we’re more than just a camp. We’re a family.

With so much Home-Camp love,

Mom and Dad

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