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  • Tara R


Admit it, this is INSANE.   The world feels off its axis.   There is no longer a new normal, or new new normal, there only one mode and it’s WTF!?  A relentless, upending sense of pandemonium has been unleashed, and it has people spinning this way and that, bouncing between anxiety, denial, frustration, relief and dread at breakneck speed.  


It makes you want to run away, but also burrow into your sofa for the next three months.   It makes you want to watch every move that you make, but also to not give a fuck anymore.  It makes you long for the good ol’ days when you thought we were doomed, but could put on the smooth sounds of a Cuomo brother crooning like an old Sinatra record, and believe we might just be okay.   


This time, the unknown feels immense.  We’re grasping at straws, and we’re scared.  We don't know who's in charge. (...whatever happened to that pretty lady from the World Health Org?! She was my first wave elixir.) But, like anything that's overwhelming, it’s best faced head on.  We plan for the worst and hope for the best.  And when we feel confused and conflicted (undoubtedly all the time,) never has the phrase do what makes you comfortable made more sense.  Again, no one is truly comfortable with anything, so we should cut ourselves, and others, some slack for behaving however the hell we want on any given day, or wallowing in indecision.   


One of my favorite expressions of all time is the simplest: this too shall pass   And it will.  Like a covid swab that feels interminable when it’s pushed up against the side of your brain, this too shall pass.  And there will be a new, new, new normal.  The results just aren’t ready yet.  


Remember, things could be worse.  At least you’re not wiping down your Fresh Direct.  


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