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One of the best things about living in NYC is that it’s a walking city. Back in the day, all I needed was my sleek Streetwise and my clunky Discman, and I was good to go. Somewhere along the pre-Google way, I acquired the cool knowledge that a mile was about 20 blocks. (Most likely from a friend in a coffee shop that I walked to…) I knew that the stretch from 1st to 2nd was longer than Lex to 3rd , but I really didn’t think about it much. My footsteps were a simple means to an end.

But now, every step I take feels like a move in an ongoing competition -- with myself. Often, the tenor of my day isn’t predicated on where I’ve been, as much as it is on how many times my foot has struck the pavement while getting there. You see, I am obsessed with my steps. In fact, if you ask me how I am, I might just send you a quick screenshot of my Steps app. You’re an intelligent person; you can figure out the rest. (And, like, I really need to get going…)

But, in case you need an index:

Under 100 steps Migraine.

300-500 steps I’m fine. I just had my booster.

1,000 steps So tired! Spent all day purging the apartment.

1,500 steps Meh. I shouldn’t have had a third glass.

2,000 steps Double spin and catching up on paperwork!

3,000 steps I’m fine but I went DEEP on Insta last night.

4,000 steps Day from hell! Dropped my phone in the toilet at Nectar!

4,000 steps I’m so NOT fine. I spent 6 hours at the Apple store!

6,000 steps This has to be wrong. I have literally been going all day.

7,000 steps Busy, busy!! On block patrol.

9,000 steps Soooo crazed! No help this week and my kids are over-scheduled!

10,000 steps Ugh, the rain! Pacing the hallway between meetings.

11,000 steps No carts!

12,000 steps All good. I walked downtown! New York is back!

13,000 steps Most amazing day! The foliage in the Park is insane! So inspiring...

14,000 steps Im good thanks how are you sorry for the typos I am on a walk using voice dictation

17,000 steps WE GOT A DOG!

27,000 steps Omg- stop worrying - I am fiiiiine. Really. So sorry I missed lunch. There was a TON of foot traffic. Drinks later?

29,000 steps I'm doing well. Sometimes a bit dizzy but it could be the cleanse.

32,000 steps It's like I'm walking on air!

33,000 steps Um, I might be a little lost...

47,000 steps Bounty hunting on the Appalachian Trail! Spotty reception!

55,000 steps Haven't found anything.... except nirvana!

102,000 steps Hello from the future!! When are you getting here?!


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