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It’s finally here!   Summa!!  The most daylight you’ll see for the next 364 days!   And now, my loves, it’s time to make some plans!  Not just any plans, summer plans


Summer plans are an entirely different subset of plan making.  Summer plans are plans that you actually and actively WANT to keep --- no one is playing fake sick in the summer.  Everyone knows you save those “I ate some bad chicken” chits for when temps dip below 40.   If a summer plan falls apart, well then, said canceller probably really is having an excruciating dental problem.  


Summer plans are not the type of plans to be abandoned lightly at the first blush of walking by your comfy sofa.   Summer plans are cancelled for one reason, and one reason only: better summer plans.  Exhibit A:  I was SO looking forward to our annual rendezvous at Sunset Beach, but my friend just rented a villa in SOF and offered me a ride, so… well…maybe next year?!  


Summer plans are ubiquitous and should be had by all!  Don’t get me wrong — it's not that I don’t want to see people during the long, cold winter, it’s that there's only so much fuel to my flame when the sun sets at 430 PM.  You see, while the thought of watching you gnaw on stale bread at Nicola's doesn’t quite hurt my heart, it doesn’t alight it the way seeing you sipping a 34 dollar margarita at Topping Rose does.   


It’s easy to get giddy on summer plans!  I’ll make back-to-back, week after week.  I mean, I must see you if it’s summer or, let’s face it, we don’t stand a chance!   

Guys, let’s be real: Our odds of connecting are MUCH better when we are both the full color, Dolby version of ourselves and no one is wearing a hooded puffer.  Winter people are kinda repellent; they are pale, angry and frustrated.  Summer people are not like this!!  Once they’ve got their 8 different hair and hair removal processes, and cute pickleball clothes, they are carefree, anything-goes, all-good, summer love. We can just meet at the beach and bring Round Swamp. We can use plastic cups.   I just want to see you!


Summer plans are all about fun and relaxation -- until , alas, they’re not.  Because at the end of the day, there’s only so much summer to go around!   I mean, you might set out to make grandiose summer plans, but then before you can blink, your next four Saturdays are booked up with parties, and then you remember you have to visit those kids you shipped off to god knows where. Sometimes the summer plan with the best intentions becomes the dreaded -- mon dieu!  --  let’s reconnect in the fall, which is essentially the same thing as saying that you will try again next summer.  Good luck!  



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