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Hi! Thanks for reaching out! So sweet that you are organizing a group gift for Alex’s bday – thanks for including me! Just curious because I noticed I was listed 32nd on the group distribution list (or somewhere around there, I didn’t really check). It was a little weird because I didn’t think Alex had so many friends, but even weirder, because, like, Alex and I are really friends – I mean, we went to college together!! So, like, it was a little shocking that I was so far down on the list. Did you write the list, or did she? Either way, cannot wait to celebrate!! Will Venmo now.

Hi – it’s me again. Sorry to bother you. But like, did Alex say anything to you? I am SO excited to celebrate her bday, but I looked and I guess I didn’t invite her to my small outdoor dinner last year. (She should be thanking me really – it was 22 degrees out, and four of my eight (total: 8!) guests couldn’t feel their toes for two days…) But like, at 32 on her list, I can’t help but wonder if maybe she’s miffed. Can you tell her there were no tables bigger than 10? Thanks babe. They were not normal times!! Anyway, thanks for handling gift. Will venmo now. Xx

Hi! Actually… maybe don’t say anything yet. I looked again, and there were 54 people listed behind me (again, I’m guessing, I didn’t count, I’m not psycho). So, PLEASE don’t ask her but, like, did she say anything to you? Whatever, I’m basically over it. Excited to celebrate! Will Venmo now.

Hi! I meant to ask! Do you need any help getting the gift? I have a discount code at Saks that might still work. I wouldn’t normally use it for someone who put me in the third row on their friend list, but since I know that that was a mistake (your silence has confirmed my suspicions), I am more than willing to share it with you. Let me know!! Will Venmo now.

Hi! Just wanted to make sure you got my Venmo! I think I sent to the wrong address – Are you emilystein16 or emilystein-16?

Also, Emily, like I know I said not to ask, but IS Alex mad at me? Now, I don’t think 32 was a mistake; I think 32 was intentional. All the other college friends got holiday cards, AND they had just moved to Greenwich. I checked the mail room 4 times. Nothing.

Hi! Can’t believe it but now it looks like I will be travelling for work and wont be able to attend. Anyway, I am sooo bummed to miss celebrating Alex. I definitely still want to do group gift tho. Will Venmo now.

OMG Emily -- I am so silly -- my therapist just noticed that the list was alphabetical! Ack! Hope the celebration was great! Is the gift done?? Will Venmo now.


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