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Don't worry, there are no right answers... (Please, just try your best!)

1. Jodi, Dianne and Stacey make a lunch plan. They choose Thursday at 1 pm. Then, Jodi makes an appointment Thursday and suggests lunch on Friday. Dianne and Stacey cannot do Friday, so Jodi pushes her appointment on Thursday to 3pm, and says she will just leave lunch early. Then Dianne invites Rachel, who cannot do Thursday at all, so Jodi, Dianne and Stacey all move their appointments from Friday to Thursday, so they can be free Friday. Stacey suggests they eat somewhere between 68th and 78th streets, as her 2pm is on 72nd, but she should really get there 15 mins early. Where and when does the woman with the most advanced degree end up getting a manicure, because they all decide it's too windy out anyway?

2. The packing list for sleepaway camp says to bring 2 flashlights. Amazon has a total sum of 82, 674 flashlights for purchase. 1 friend sends you a link, 4 friends tell you what they got, but not from Amazon, because Amazon doesn't personalize in the right font. 3 friends are shady about it because they want their kid to have the best flashlight in the bunk. How many times does your husband tell you we have plenty of good flashlights?

3. Billy's camp bus leaves Westchester at 7 am. Clara's flight leaves JFK at 8:30 am. Your husband MIGHT have a call at 8 am, but he might not. Either way, you should "plan around him." You sketch 6 different routes, discuss with 3 people, for a total of 18 possible ways you can bend time and make magic happen. How many minutes of sleep do you get the night before camp? How many does your husband get?

4. Your daughter “needs” new jeans. She says her friend Kate's jeans are SO cute, and that she got them from a website you've never heard of. The jeans are only $24.99 with 30 % off, so you tell her happy early birthday. She throws you 4 eye-rolls and requests 6 additional items. You spend 2 hours going down the rabbit hole of teenage clothing because, like, could you pull this top off??!

a) How many times do you curse when the SAVE30 code is invalid?

b) How many minutes are you on hold with the credit card fraud line six months later when said items never arrive?

5. It’s your son’s birthday. He’s at 1 school 2-3 days per week, with 20 kids in his class. He’s on 4 sports leagues, with 38 other kids, who wore masks 78 % of the season and stayed 6 feet apart. You’re 90% sure that he’s actually friends with 3 of them. You 100 % love him, but you could give 2 f-cks about planning 5 parties, and have less than zero patience. What’s the likelihood that you will be driving to an outer borough to pick up a custom cake? What are the odds that it will be raining?


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