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I’m thankful to be able to host this wonderful holiday feast that brings us together. I’m so thankful that you all made it, considering the traffic was so bad that you showed up two hours late.

I'll start by giving thanks for this hard-earned, home-cooked meal! Especially this turkey —- it looks a little crusty, but that’s not just because it’s been sitting out for (did I mention?) two hours; it's because the cranberry "sauce" in the footed bowl next to it is such a vibrant shade of orange. (Thank you, Great Aunt Hilda!)

I’m thankful for my children. You guys are everything to me! You challenge me to grow. Like that time that Fluffy had the UTI and had to be walked every half hour, and no one, not one of you, ever offered to walk him, even though you knew my sciatica was acting up and it was icy out? I’m so thankful I recovered...after all the grueling physical therapy learning to walk again. I never knew I was so strong! I'm so thankful that you took turns uber-Xing me to my appointments. And for understanding that accidents happen! We all miss Fluffy; loss is hard. But the paramedics said it was quick. Thankful!

I’m thankful for my sister. Remember that time we went to see Dear Evan Hansen but we thought it was an Adam Sandler movie? That was hysterical. The tickets did seem expensive! It’s almost like, at this point, we share a brain; I can literally finish your emoji trains for you. I love that when we were younger, we pranced around Limelight arm-in-arm at 3 am, and now, when we’re feeling reckless, we split fries. And I eat them. Ever-thankful for you and fried carbs.

I’m thankful for my friends. You gals mean so much. You have been my rocks since college — holding my hair back in the bathroom stall at Smoke’s, and right there next to me last week, holding my hair out of my face during my first bo’ shot. And the next day, when my jaw was so frozen that I couldn’t chew, you were right there for me again, holding my hair back from getting in my soup. I can count on you ladies always. #friendswhoarescrunchies #blessed.

I’m thankful for my hubby. Babe, you are really the best. SO appreciative of those high-tech-noise-reduction headphones you bought me for my birthday! It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I know you were pleased with your thoughtful gift! I’m so thankful that Dr. Marko was able to see us so quickly, and that after our third session, we understood that we just have different expectations for gift-giving — you want a more thoughtful gift, and I want an expensive one. And, truly, what greater gift is there to be thankful for than a better understanding of one another?

And, lastly, mom, so so thankful for you. You taught me everything I know! I, too, question the pallor of the turkey lying before us— especially since I followed your recipe to a T! It was so considerate of you to bring an extra, just in case I screwed it up. I am so thankful that you are always looking out for me.

Now, who’s hungry? Let’s eat! (We have two turkeys, after all...)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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