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We all feel it: the flattening stupor of ‘what the hell is happening?’ combined with the urge to get up and do something. Posting on social media seems useless, but silence is not an option. The past few days have been excruciating. From the privilege and comfort of my sofa, it has been as harrowing a scene as I can ever recall. As a Jew, and as the descendants of brave relatives who fled pogroms and nazi regimes, I have heard about, read about, seen plays about, movies about, and exhibits about antisemitism my whole life. I knew it was very much real, but it was not very much my reality. I have never stared that devil in the face. But now, I have to say fuck it to fear. Sayonara to the status quo. Now I, we, you, they, everyone must look this evil in the eye.

The barbaric violence inflicted on so many Israeli citizens this past weekend is a devastating reminder that antisemitism exists both in the flesh, and in the selective silence that accompanies atrocity. It is bleak and painful for now, and equally unbearable that a path to peace and a world without antisemitism, seems unattainable for the future. It's frightening, and for lack of a better word, depressing. Yes, there are always two sides to every story, except for the one that includes anarchists and terrorists. When murderous aggressors lash out, violently striking back is essential. It is not punishment; it is survival. For our part, we must attack the cancer that is hell bent on destroying us with everything we've got. Make noise; be the opposite of silent. Post, re-post, pontificate, persist. Educate, support, speak up, speak out. Check in, and do so relentlessly. Do anything; just don't check out.

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