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While I’m usually brimming with possibility at the start of a new year, this year I’m reminded of the words of George Costanza who once said “I love a good nap. Sometimes it’s the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning.”

I mean, weren’t we just counting our blessings as we frolicked our way through Thanksgiving? How did we so swiftly arrive at this magical holiday season from hell? We are all so spent -- skittishly gliding into 2022 with poor visibility and not much wind in our collective sail. To put it as eloquently as I can…well, honestly…I...just...can’t

I just can’t:

… any longer think that variety is the spice of life.

… worry that I wasted a good Binax test.

… accept a congratulatory alert from my iphone because my daily screen time is down to 9 hours and 42 minutes a day.

…care anymore when my kids leave plastic mask wrappers everywhere.

…struggle to reach the elevator button with my elbow in a puffer while holding a scalding hot coffee.

…be nostalgic for the good ol' pandemic days when I got emails with the subject: RECIPE EXCHANGE!!

…hear one more person blurt out “it’s just allergies!” before I have a chance to say God bless you.

…feel guilty because I keep asking the waiter where the food is when I know the establishment is short staffed.

…fall into the trap of thinking there are no other problems in the world but covid.

…seem to find a month that feels appropriate for me to give up drinking.

…spin with worry when that one PCR test doesn't come back with all the others, because obviously that person is f-cked...

...and finally, I just can’t…order MORE (and tighter) masks.

But, alas, I can, and I will… And hopefully, soon, Omicron will be omigone. Until then, maybe I’ll heed the serenity now wisdom of Georgie Peorgie, and take a nap.

Sweet dreams, and happy freaking new year!


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