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Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite….

They say you have to be on the inside in this town, but now the inside is actually outside, trying to be inside. So, it’s complicated.

Spotted: Melanie walking the reservoir for the 1600th time, sporting a smile as genuine as her 10-day quarantine. Sources say she was heard booking Cinquante Cinq, but it turns out she was just counting steps.

Also spotted: Chet, milling about Butterfield, sporting a new black eye; he says he caught an elbow, but a little birdie said he caught a cork to the face on a private flight back from Anguilla sans the help of a stewardess.

Rise and shine, early birds, Gossip Girl here. Spotted: Blythe, and her minions, on line at the rapid PCR on 91st and Mad, a block that hasn’t seen this much nasal action since pre-Prom 1990. Looks like this momtourage needs a reason to get out of their 12-rooms-on-Park. A little birdie spotted a certain someone with silver slivers. Come on ladies, COVID fatigue is real, but so is dignity…

Hey Upper East Siders – It’s winter in New York. And you know what that means? The season of covid-policing is OUT and vaccine-policing is IN. Nothing is more de rigueur these days than knowing who’s been poked and prodded when, where, and most importantly, by whom… I mean, you say you’re a teacher? I say you teach mahjong. Unfollow.

Spotted: Sandra hosting a birthday lunch for ELEVEN (!!) people outside at Pastis. Sure, they may think they’re in a bubble, but the problem with a bubble is it’s see-through -- and everyone’s already watched Bridgerton. Also spotted, S. slipping a cool hundy to the maître d for his troubles. And then, neither one sanitized. I mean, I always knew Sandra was a bit of a slut, but can you say superspreader?

Seems like you can be nowhere and everywhere all at once.

You know you love me.



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